1. arousing or touching the emotions

2. causing motion




1. the act of process of creating

2. the fact of being created or produced

MovingCreations is an Amsterdam based visual storytelling duo. We love to tell people's stories through the lens.

Especially stories that are engaging,

connecting through music, art and social awareness. 

Founded by filmmaker and director Leandra Arjona-Jacobi and researcher and creative director Jessica van Amerongen. See our previous work here:

and here:


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Contact us

so we can create creative projects (together):  
T+31 20 3345949
Leandra +31 614221733
Jessica +31 651819305

Moving Creations

Gillis van Ledenberchstraat 76

1052 VK Amsterdam

KvK: 34376751
BTW: B01 67331634

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