European Greens Parliamant Elections 2019

Show within 1 minute why it's important to 'Vote Green'.


Production: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

Directing: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

Camera Operator: Aldo Agaatz

Color Grader: Aldo Agaatz

Editor: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

Sound Design: Paul Fitz

Woman's March 2019

“...I am brave I am loved, I am fearless, I am blessed, I am worthy, I am intelligent, I am more...”

I understand now how important it is to join a march. The energy you feel on the streets of one-ness, and marching for what we find important. We need to pass this on to our next generations.


Camera & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

Music: Celine Cairo


When I arrived at de Lievelinge it immediately felt like a special place.

I fell in love with the freedom I felt and people I met, and stayed for a whole month with my camera in my hand. I portrayed ten people, their unique stories and what moved them to create their home away from home.

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacob

In March 2018 we flew to Austin, Texas to present 'The Living Museum' at the New Dutch Wave house at SXSW 2018.

A unique experience which showcases six Dutch artist in one multidisciplinary piece.

This video gives a summery of the build up, highlighting the six participating artists and their final work. 

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

Goldie Shine owned The Villa at Westergas for three days

and led a tour through it's spaces occupied by different artists.

This video gives a quick impression of the tour and the performances. 

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

De Westergasfabriek asked me to create a compilation

of another Living Museum Tour especially created for the CounterWave. 

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

During my time in London I became a mother, and wanted to create a series of short portraits about new parents and how they deal with their new life in terms of parenthood vs work, their household division and longterm dreams. (Pilot)

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

We went on a 5 day roadtrip to Portugal together and recorded everything that crossed our way. Playing a prisoner of love and life.

Concept: Roel Vermeer & Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

Camera: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi 
DiEditors: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi & Gary Berendsen

Color Grading: Gary Berendsen 

The Pannonical Quartet collaborated with Tango dancers 

Geraldine & Ezequiel recorded at the NDSM in Amsterdam

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

Interviews with different portrayed people at the exhibition opening of 'The Naked Eye Project' at the Coba Museum. 

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi

A series of street interviews in London, West Hampstead

showing that we are all not that different.

Camera, Directing & Edit: Leandra Arjona-Jacobi


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